Who will benefit?

Are you in a demanding professional or business career and want to continue but take a different role?

Have you created a thriving family business and finding it hard to step aside to allow a younger generation to take the reins?

Do you want to make more time for other interests or to change direction?

Are your choices affecting your relationship? Couples can find that changes for one can unbalance the dynamic between them.

In retirement, coaching can help enrich a long-standing relationship while helping you retain your individual identity. And find a balance between personal fulfillment and a happy interdependent relationship.

Being in one another’s company 24/7 is very different from spending weekends and a few week’s annual holidays together. Planning how each of you will work, rest and play will ensure your relationship thrives.

Whatever your particular circumstances I can promise you that coaching with me will help raise your self-awareness, discover what you really want, and take action to live the future you choose.

And I will teach you how to boost your resilience, a vital component for well-being from mid-life onward.