Who will benefit?

No matter what your working life or career has been to date I will help you transition to third age

Do you still enjoy the challenge of your position and are reluctant to step away? Perhaps you helped create a thriving family business and you are finding it hard to step aside to allow a younger generation to take the reins?  You may have already stepped away from a demanding professional or business career and now find you miss some aspects of your working life and want to find a new challenge.

Coaching will help reach your potential which is just as important now as at any other life-stage. I can help you tap into your creativity, think outside the box, and put together a portfolio of options for the future, be it paid work, volunteer work, mentoring, enjoying leisure time, or personal development through learning.

Couples, as well as individuals, find transitioning to third age brings changes that can be challenging. What meaning and purpose will you be searching for in later life? Coaching will help you explore what that looks and feels like for you. Perhaps you will choose subtle or radical changes in your life? Or find ways to use your life’s experiences to the benefit of others?

Could you be seeking ways to enrich a long-standing relationship while retaining your individual identity? In a relationship, both of you may be on the same quest to find a balance between personal fulfillment and a happy interdependent relationship.  Being in one another’s company 24/7 is very different to spending weekends and a few weeks annual holidays together. Planning how each of you will work, rest and play will ensure your relationship thrives.

Our Coaching conversations will feel informal yet are powerful in their ability to facilitate change for you. Whatever your particular circumstances I will help you approach your third age transition with optimism and flexibility. Both those qualities are proven to help resilience, a vital component of well-being in the third age.