An Overview of Midlife


Mid-life is the time when focusing on family responsibilities and work/career/business ambitions start to give way to searching out more meaning and purpose for the next stage of your life. What others think of you becomes less important than your own beliefs about what is right for you. In many ways, you are more comfortable in your own skin yet third age can still present you with difficult adjustments.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, says,” people are happy when fully engaged in an activity that provides them with an appropriate challenge, ┬áneither too great nor too little. Minimal challenge and we become bored, too much and it creates anxiety”.

If you are thinking about the future of your career fill you with a sense of anxiety, fear, or negative thoughts? Maybe a bit of you would love to step down, but you hang in there because your career is your identity and your purpose in life and all that defines who you are? Or maybe you have already made changes and now feel life is lacking purpose? Sound familiar? Let me help you explore all your options in a fresh and exciting way.

Embrace change, visualise yourself choosing how you will work, rest and play in in mid-life and beyond. With good fortune, you will need to plan for the next 30+ years. Liberate yourself to reap the benefits of a rich and rewarding future.