What struck me immediately when I first met Maggie is her personal warmth and her genuine interest and desire to help. Maggie is a great listener, empathic and supportive whilst unafraid to gently probe and explore options together, allowing the fog to clear and solutions to present themselves. Additionally, Maggie clearly has a wealth of professional knowledge and life experience, which combined with her authentic and personable non-directive style, makes her a very, very effective coach.

Kirsty -Business Analyst

Maggie has the rare qualities of being both highly professional and warmly approachable. She will put you at ease whilst guiding you safely along your coaching journey. Maggie has the ability to help you find your own heart’s desires for your life or work through her expert coaching facilitation. She will help you discover what really matters to you through conversations with a purpose leading to powerful new insights and possibilities that can literally unlock your future. I would not hesitate to recommend Maggie to anyone looking to live a more fulfilling life!

Julie – Creative Director

Maggie is a fantastic coach who helped raise my awareness, to think deeper about my life and my wishes and realise what I really wanted. She quickly and easily created a trusting relationship. She kept me motivated to continue progressing while being very aware of my well-being and capacity for change. She has a high degree of imagination and incorporates it into her practice.  She builds on client’s potentials and never falls into the trap of advice giving. Above all, she endeavors to continuously learn and move towards coaching mastery. Maggie is definitely among the best coaches I have worked with.

Henri – Strategic Accounts Manager

What I loved about being coached by Maggie was her ability to challenge me in a non-judgemental way so that I could work through a personal relationship challenge. Maggie helped me identify my emotions and encouraged me to take time to talk openly about my current relationship with someone very dear to me. Maggie was sensitive to my needs and supported me in practicing how I could manage a sensitive conversation beforehand. I got a true sense that Maggie really wanted the best for me in the situation and that she empathised with how I was feeling. maggie quickly instilled trust and confidence for us to work together and I felt safe to talk honestly and openly; her compassion and empathy for others was demonstrated throughout the session and her ability and wisdom to appreciate a sensitive situation and humanise it is what makes Maggie a brilliant coach.

Diane – Customer Services Manager

I am thrilled with how far I have come in the time I have been coaching with Maggie. I was feeling confused and uncertain about what my future could look like, now I not only have a clear vision, I am making it happen. I feel confident and I cannot tell you how much I have valued our sessions.  I am grateful for her clear-sighted, caring and wise support and guidance that has helped me reach this point. I want to work with her again in the future and will recommend her to others who are feeling stuck in the way that I was three months ago.

Sue – Teacher