Self-imposed isolation or solitude? One has connotations of a lonely remote existence, the other conjures up a reflective emotional place of choice.

In the new reality that is going to be our lives for the coming weeks and months, choice plays a huge part. All but a few would honestly say they thrive on change especially change that is externally driven and imposed on us. At best, it gives rise to unpleasant feelings of what-if’s and some […]

Transition through Change

Change and transition are sometimes used interchangeably but they are very different. Change is an event that happens, often externally and out of our control, but a transition is the psychological processing that is necessary in order to cope with change.  We know we are facing change on every front right now. Our familiar world […]

5 tips to enrich your mid-life

5 tips to enrich your mid-life Be true to yourself. You have gained wisdom through life experiences so don’t feel the need to look or act younger than your years. The paradox is that you stay youthful by truly accepting the age you are now, by being comfortable in your skin and feeling gratitude for […]

View from a Mid-Life Window

  Mid-life is a transition as important and challenging as earlier life stages. It will take inner resources, ingenuity, and resolve in order to find purpose and fulfillment. Of course, you can choose comfort over challenge but remind yourself of the benefits of stretching physically, emotionally and mentally. This is not a time for looking at […]

7 Steps to Mid-Life Balance

7 Steps to Create Work/Life Balance in Mid-Life Challenge Yourself – delve into your habits and ideas and question whether they are still relevant and fit for purpose. Are they outmoded and in need of a revamp? We often hang on to what’s familiar because it is preferable to making ourselves vulnerable. What makes us […]