About Me


 I offer an eclectic coaching approach that is psychologically minded and underpinned with 25+ years of experience of person-centred counselling/advice-giving. You can feel confident in sharing with me your personal, or work/life challenges and goals. You will feel heard, you will have the time and space to share your unique story and I will take you on an exciting journey of possibilities, exploration, and self-discovery. I will help you look at your choices and develop the know-how to action your dreams in order to live the life you want for the future.

Mid-life is a time to be courageous, to take calculated risks, to embrace your strengths and use them to focus on the future. Are the messages you are giving yourself hindering you from reaching your potential? Do you keep repeating old scenarios and getting the same results? Do you feel others are getting what they want while you are feeling left behind? Is your cup half-full or half-empty?

Events around this time in your life can throw you off balance. Coaching with me will help you understand and manage transitions and change in your life, whether they are external or stemming from dissatisfaction you have with the present and the desire to take a different path for the future.