7 Steps to Third Age Work/Life Balance


I am passionate that Coaching will take you from where you are today to wherever you want to go. It is not a magic solution but “aha” moments of insight can make it feel that way. I invite you to come on an exciting journey of self-discovery and you will reap the rewards of an enriched Mid-life.

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How it works

Mid-life is a transition time and therefore a good time to reassess the shape of your future. Together we will explore how your life experiences have shaped you and your story so far.  Exploring your previous experiences, getting in touch with your Values and beliefs, and using them as a springb...

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Who will benefit?

No matter what your working life or career has been to date I will help you transition to third age

Do you still enjoy the challenge of your position and are reluctant to step away? Perhaps you helped create a thriving family business and you are finding it ...

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Mid-life is the time when focusing on family responsibilities and work/career/business ambitions start to give way to searching out more meaning and purpose for the next stage of your life. What others think of you becomes less important than your own beliefs about w...

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