7 Steps to Third Age Work/Life Balance


Mid-life is about transition and change and that can at times be challenging, but it can also be the threshold of an exciting new time in your life.

Are you feeling now is the time to be making changes but you feel overwhelmed and unsure how to make those changes happen?

Has change happened in your personal relationships, through separation or divorce, or your children leaving home, or coping with elderly parents, or being bereaved?

Perhaps change has been thrust upon you in your career or business life, through redundancy? Or you may be looking to retire but have mixed feelings about what that will mean and how you will shape your future.

Trust me when I say that you not only have the questions but you also have the perfect answers and solutions and that coaching will reveal them.

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How will Coaching help me?

Approaching mid-life is about facing changes. The transition through change is about letting go. Every new beginning starts with an ending and endings always involve loss of some kind. Loss of identity, loss of status, or your role within your personal life or professional life can all be challen...

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Who will benefit?

Are you in a demanding professional or business career and want to continue but take a different role?

Have you created a thriving family business and finding it hard to step aside to allow a younger generation to take the reins?

Do yo...

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An Overview of Midlife


Mid-life is the time when focusing on family responsibilities and work/career/business ambitions start to give way to searching out more meaning and purpose for the next stage of your life. What others think of you becomes less important than your own beliefs about w...

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